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We have the largest computer repair facility in the area!

Computer & Laptop Repair

Is your computer running slow? Making a noise you've not heard before? Beeps at you and then... nothing?


We can fix that!

We Repair all Windows Computers and Laptops

Our Technicians are A+ Certified through the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTia)

All new Parts are Warranted by the Manufacturer for up to 5 years

All Labor is warranted for 30 days

We also Recover Data from Hard Drives

Most Service Work is Completed in 3 Business Days (Depending on parts availability)

Peace of Mind Assurance Program

Are You Tired of the Headaches?

The computer breakdowns... the virus attacks...  the popups and malware - all the hassels you put yourself through trying to get your computer or your laptop running well again?


We Can Help!


At MPC Digital Solutions we have just what you need with our Peace of Mind Assurance Program! For as little as $15 a month you get:


Unlimited repairs and tuneups

Hardware and software installations

Virus and malware protection and removal

Data backup and recovery

All other routine and emergency services

Priority service while you wait, or remotely from the comfort of your home or office

"Peace of Mind" Plan




6-Month Commitment

12-Month Commitment

0% Discount



20% Discount

























Family/Business (up to 5 devices)






More than 5 Devices

Allow us to provide you with a personalized quote.

Cell Phone & Tablet Repair

It Happens! You drop your cell phone or tablet computer and the screen shatters. Fortunately, all is not lost. We can fix that!

We Repair all Cell Phones and Tablet Computers

All parts meet original product specifications

All Labor is warranted for 30 days


They're out there - folks who are determined to break into your home, your business, your car and, especially computer where you keep all of your important data. We will help you stop them!

It's a great feeling knowing that your family is secure in a safe home, your business is protected from intruders and your car or truck are equipped with alarms to keep anyone who doesn't belong in them, out.


We have everything from simple alarms to advanced wireless video surveillance systems that can be monitored from your cell phone. Stop by and let us help you choose the best equipment you need to protect everything important to you.

We will help you keep your Home

Your Business and Your Family Safe!

Data Backup

Hard drives fail, and many times all the data that was on them is lost forever. We have a solution that will insure you will always have the data you need when you need it! We will show you how!

There is simply no better Data Backup and Recovery Service on the planet than Carbonite! Easy, Safe and very Affordable with 4 plans to choose from!


Home Based Businesses

Unlimited Workstations

Supports HIPAA Compliance

Databases and Live Applications

Hybrid Local and Cloud Backup

Supports HIPAA Compliance

Disaster Recovery

All-in-one Hybrid Solution

Electronics Recycling

How do you dispose of old electronics? You can't throw them away or take them to a landfill, but can't hold on to them forever either. Bring them to us and we will recycle them for you, free of charge.

     If you have any old or unwanted electronic devices, anything with a power cord, taking up space in your home or garage, we will safely recycle free of charge. You can either drop what you have off at the store in Rainier or, call us to come and pick it up from your home or business.


     Now, we will either recycle your old equipment or find a new home for it through our Technology Donations Program. We have found that some of the equipment brought in for recycling is still in usable or near-usable condition. These items we will clean up and offer to donate to a charitable organization for their use, and we will donate the item in the name of the person or business who brought it in to the store.


     It's a great opportunity for both the donors and the charity organizations who benefit from the donated items. The donors regain their space in their home or garage while safely recycling their old equipment, and the charity organizations benefit from the use of the donated equipment to help them in the service they provide to the community.


     Everybody wins!



MPC Digital Solutions

We live and work by the principles that guide our every decision, and they tell us to always do what is right for the customer.
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