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Elections and the Electoral College

Stephen Anderson - Sunday, November 13, 2016

Well, we have just come through another national election and it turns out the folks that predict these things, for the most part, got it all wrong, and the candidate everyone thought would coast to victory was the one making the concession speech the next morning. Usually, this is not a problem as this has happened before and we, as a people, just go back to our daily activities and try and make the best of the situation until the whole process starts over again in four years.


This year was a bit different. Now we have quite a few disgruntled people protesting the results and insisting that the Electoral College change their votes to support the candidate who garnered the most popular votes, instead of sticking with the current system of electing a president via the Electoral College. Perhaps an explanation of the Electoral College and why our founders instituted this system for electing a president will help.


The problem the Founding Fathers faced when the battle for independence was won was how set up a system of electing a national president that would give each state an equal voice in the process. They could not do it using a pure democratic system as the more populace states could easily out vote the smaller and less populace states, leading to a system that heavily favored the larger states and handicapped the smaller. If this was allowed the larger states would be able to dictate national policy to the smaller states, and there would be nothing the smaller states could do to change that. So, instead of a pure democratic system for electing presidents the Electoral College was put into place.


With the Electoral College system each state is given a number of Electoral Votes, depending on their population. Currently, the combined total of electoral Votes is 538, which means that to elect a president the winning candidate must win enough states to secure at least 270 of those votes. Now, the system works because the largest and most populated states cannot, of themselves, elect a president because they do not have the votes to do so. This forces the winning candidate to court the smaller states as well, and form a political policy that will be beneficial to the smaller states as well as the larger states. This gives the smaller states a real voice in choosing a president and keeps them from being dominated by the larger states as the winning candidate must win a majority of the smaller states as well as the larger more populated states to reach the 270 Electoral Vote count needed to secure victory.


Now, on occasion, the winning candidate received fewer popular votes than the losing candidate, but this is alright, it proves the system works and that the smaller states do have a powerful voice in the election process, which is why the Electoral College was put into place in the first place.   


Now, I know this was not an electronics related post, but we at MPC Digital Solutions are also very civic minded and want to help in any way we can to help our community, our state and our country move forward for the benefit of everyone. So, if we can help folks to better understand the system our country uses to elect a president, well, maybe we can help in doing just that. We live in the most wonderful country the world has ever seen, and it will always be the most wonderful country no matter the trials and tribulations we may pass through. As a people we always find a way to work things out and make the United States of America an even better place for all. We have done this for over 200 years, and we will continue to do so into perpetuity.  

Technology is Always Advancing

Stephen Anderson - Sunday, November 06, 2016

There is one thing that you can say is an absolute constant with technology: it is always changing. My first computer in college was an IBM PC Jr. and it was not much more than a glorified electric type writer connected to a huge and extremely heavy dot-matrix printer that could wake the dead when my room mates and I began printing our term papers. Today, you will get more power and functionality from any of the smart phones you carry in your shirt pocket, and foe well under what I paid for my PC Jr. It wasn't long before the next generation of computers with more power and faster processors were leaving my poor PC Jr. in the rear-view mirror and I was shopping for a new machine to help with my first real job after college, this one had two five and a quarter inch floppy drives, which was miles ahead of my PC Jr. which had just the one making it necessary to keep switching my disks so when I saved my work I wasn't saving to a program disk. Happened any... those were the days. Still, when I purchased my new system after college I could count on it being reliable for at least three or four years, maybe more, because the advances were slow in coming. But, that didn't last long.


As the technology for making computer chips began to improve and the industry began producing ever faster and smaller chips for processors and memory, things really began to pick up speed in both the computer hardware and software development sides of the industry. I remember when the first computer game was introduced, at least it was my first game - Pong - and it cost me about forty bucks to sit and bat a white digital square back and forth from one side of the monitor to the other, although it did get faster and more difficult as the game progressed. Still, it was progress, and the birth of the computer game industry. Other applications followed: word processing, accounting, engineering, spreadsheets, databases and many more; all requiring more processing speed and memory, and creating the need for hard drives to store the data. Still, you could count on several years of service before you were forced to upgrade to keep your business or personal computer competitive with the new machines hitting the market.


Well, all of that has changed. The good folks at Intel and AMD are pushing the performance envelope at an ever increasing pace, producing blisteringly fast processors and memory, as well as the new solid state hard drives which, in combination make a very fast system indeed. And, adding to all of this are the changes Microsoft and other software companies are making. In Microsoft's case they are pushing Windows 10, which is a great platform but it does come with some challenges. The default browser in Windows 10 is Edge, which doesn't always work well with applications that had been running on Internet Explorer. At least with Internet Explorer you had a Compatibility setting that alleviated a lot of problems for some older applications, but that has been removed in Edge; and the only version of Internet Explorer you can run in Windows 10 is IE11. So, if you are running Windows 10 and you need to run an application in IE10 or lower, you are just out of luck. Now, there are some things you can do to get a few of these application working again, but it takes some patience and perhaps a cuss jar, but it can be done.


We can help you with all of these things. Trying to figure out how much computer you need to do what you need to do as well as choosing the programs and applications to fill your needs can be a daunting task, and we can help you figure it all out. Just give as a call and tell us what you need your computer to do and we will give some choices and recommendations; and we will keep it all in your budget. So, give us a call and let us help. It's why we're here! 



There's a New Microsoft Surface for 2017!

Stephen Anderson - Sunday, October 30, 2016

Well, the good folks at Microsoft have just made things very interesting with their new Microsoft Surface scheduled for release in early 2017. To be sure, this isn't your average computer, and by a long ways!


First, there are three configurations to choose from: the first comes with a 1Tb hard drive and 8GB of RAM, powered by an Intel i5 processor with the graphics handled by an NVIDIA GeForce Graphics card with 2GB GPU. The second comes with a 1TB hard drive but with 16GB of RAM and is powered by an i7 processor and the same graphics card. The third option give you a 2TB hard drive with 32GB of RAM, an i7 processor and an NVIDIA GeForce Graphics card with 4GB GPU. All of these come with a 1080p camera and Dolby speakers for a superior sound.


These new Surface computers are designed with the creative folks in mind. The 28-inch adjustable display produces 13.5 million pixels of fabulous color and, combined with its 10-bit Color Depth technology produces a visual display that will be truly something to behold. And, the unit is completely at home being used as stand-up desktop computer or as a tablet for when you just want to lay on your carpet and draw whatever comes to mind.


Helping you to draw, sketch, paint or anything else you want to do is the new Surface Pen. Another amazing piece of technology that you can hold like a pencil, but it does so much more! It writes, erases, paints, sketches, draws, doodles... well, you get the idea. It also has 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity, for making those very fine lines of soft fur on the cat you are drawing, to the big and very heavy lines in the new bridge gussets you are designing. Whatever you need to do, this pen will do it, and with incredible ease!


Remember when you needed to change from a pen to a paintbrush and you had to bring up a menu and go through and find the tool you needed? It worked well but it was time consuming and a bit awkward until you finally got it down to a science. Well, those days are over. Microsoft has a new tool to make your life so much easier. It's the Surface Dial, and it looks a bit like a hockey puck, but please, don't use it as one. What it does is it gets rid of all the menus you had to struggle with in years past and puts them all at your fingertip. When you place this tool on you surface, wherever you want it, mind you, it displays the menus you need radiating around the tool, and you just run your finger around the top of the tool to select the menu item you need. This allows you to use both hands so you aren't tied to whichever hand you use to control the mouse. Now, you use the pen in one hand and choose menu options with the other.


Want to know more? Come in and speak with Jimmy and he can tell you all about it. He can also help you pick out exactly which Surface you need and then get it coming for you. So, stop in and ask your questions! It's why were here!   



How can we help?

Stephen Anderson - Monday, October 24, 2016

For quite some time now we at MPC Digital Solutions have been making information available on how to protect yourself from viruses, or how to choose a computer to fit your needs; we even published a series of posts about building a gaming computer. However, after all of these things we would really like to know how well we are doing in providing the information and services you need.


Now, we would like you to help us answer this question: How can we help?


What can we do to make your computer or other digital device experience better? Do you have questions about the changing digital environment such as Microsoft phasing out support for Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, and 10? It won't be long until the only browser choices you will have from Microsoft are Internet Explorer 11 and Edge, which is the automatic default in Windows 10. You can still use Internet Explorer 11 with Windows 10, but it is designed to be incompatible with any other version of Internet Explorer, and the days of Internet Explorer 11 are numbered. Many of you who have upgraded to Windows 10 or purchased a new computer running Windows 10 may have noticed that some of your applications and programs don't run as well as they did with Windows 7 or 8, and many of them won't run on Windows 10 at all. There are some fixes to get these programs running again under the Windows 10 environment, and we can help you with those, just let us know.


With Christmas coming soon you may need some help deciding on digital products that will work as well as Apple or Hewlett-Packard or some other name brand product, but will be easier on the budget. There are several products that perform very well in comparison to their more well known competitors, but are much more affordable, which is a big plus especially this time of year. We can help you sort these out so you will make a great decision on a great product without having to worry about breaking your budget. Just let us know what you need and we can provide you with the choices available and how they compare to each other. My father used to tell me that if you purchase a luxury automobile like a Mercedes or BMW you will pay for the car and the emblem that is fastened to the hood, and the emblem was about half the price of the car. The same can be said for the major brands in digital products, half the price of the product is the name attached to the device.


Do you have questions on how to get another couple of years out of your current products? With technology changing and improving so quickly now it is getting to the point where you need to constantly update your equipment to keep up with the advances the engineers from Intel, AMD, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo and others are releasing at an ever faster pace. We can help you keep what you currently have working as efficiently as possible so you won't have to replace or invest in new equipment every couple of years. We know that businesses especially need to keep their equipment operating at peak efficiency for as long as possible, and we can help, just give us a call.


Finally, with the Holliday Season so near the folks who prey on online shoppers will be ramping up their efforts to steal credit card numbers, banking information and trap the unsuspecting shopper in many different ways. We can help protect you and your information so that your holidays are safe and enjoyable, and spent with family and friends. If you have any concerns or have been contacted by someone who says they need to access to your computer because you have downloaded a virus, do not give them access and call us, we will help


We at MPC Digital Solutions will always be here whenever you need assistance, whether it is to answer a question or to help you retrieve lost data, we are here for you. It's what do. 



Building a Gaming Computer - The CPU

Stephen Anderson - Friday, July 15, 2016

When building your gaming computer you need to give a lot of thought to the processor that will be running all your applications as well as be in the thick of battle on game day. That would be your CPU, or Central Processing Unit, to be more to the point. The important thing to remember is that not all CPU's are alike, and if you choose the wrong one, well, you're going to be one of the early casualties in stead of one of the victors when the going gets a little rough playing your favorite competitive game with you friends, and I know you don't want that.


So, before we get into the nitty-gritty of CPU's we should explore a little of how they work. In the early days CPU's were actually part of the motherboard, soldered in with all the other components, and they were very basic. Of course, in those days the only computer game in existence was a little gem called "Pong." Pong was a very exciting game, for its time and technology, that is, and it consisted of batting an electronic ping-pong ball back and forth across the monitor. As the game progressed the ball would get faster and it would be all you could do to move your electronic paddle in place to bat it back across the monitor. Exciting stuff, did not require a lot of computing resources to play. So, the basic CPU's of the day could easily run your word processor and allow you to play pong to your heart's content. Then, a company called Sierra came out with King's Quest, and adventure game with graphics; and everyone was immediately completely enthralled because the graphics were so very cool! However, graphics in a computer game required CPU resources they hadn't been called upon to produce before King's Quest came along. So, new CPU's with better graphics capabilities found their way into the new computers, and all was right with the world, right? No!


It seems change was coming to the small computer world at a fast and furious pace. Not only were new and better computer games being developed with better graphics, but new applications were also being developed for home and business use. Word processors, spread sheets, databases, and many, many more were being developed and offered to the general public; and all of these put greater demands on the CPU. 


The very good thing about all of this wonderful explosion of new applications and games is that it opened up a whole new world of electronic opportunities for business and personal computing, as well as making it possible to immerse yourself in a fantasy or adventure game that could take you to far away lands or the unknown regions of deep space, and all without leaving the comforts of your home. The challenging thing was the games and the applications were getting to be too much for the CPU to handle, especially if it was trying to run more than one application at the same time.


This presented a problem, and the early solution was to design new motherboards with more than one CPU, which worked well for a while, but there is a definite limit to how many CPU's you can put on a motherboard, and sooner rather than later that limit will be reached. Then what?


Well, Hyper-threading, that is what. Hyper-threading was a technological stroke of genius! In essence it allowed the CPU to create a virtual twin of itself, which made it more efficient and just a bit faster, like running with a bit of a tailwind, you are still the same runner you always were, but with a tailwind giving you that cool and gentle push your time in the 100-yard dash is improved by a second, or two. Now employing this technology to a motherboard running two CPU's and the improved performance is something to write home about. Still, hyper-threading will only take you so far before the games and applications are demanding more than the CPU's and hyper-threading can deliver. Again, now what?


Multi-core CPU's, that's what!


Where the first solution was to put multiple CPU's on motherboard the new solution is to put multiple CPU's on a CPU! The do this by building a CPU with multiple cores. A simple analogy is  small engine, like the one on your lawnmower. It has one cylinder for one piston, and it chugs away turning the blade and cutting the grass in a fairly efficient way. Then you leave on vacation for two weeks and it rains every day you are gone. When you return you lawn is a mini jungle and your lawnmower has to work itself to death to get through it, and it takes you all day to cut it! So, in frustration you go out and purchase a new lawn mower with two cylinders with a piston in each one! More power! Cuts through wet, tall grass with ease and life is good! However, that new lawnmower engine will not provide the power to run your small commuter car, which needs four cylinders, nor will the engine in your small commuter car have the power to run your pickup, which requires eight cylinders. CPU's use cores instead of cylinders, and the more cores a CPU has the more work it can do, just like a vehicle or a lawnmower.


So, like the single cylinder lawnmower that works well as long as the grass is dry and reasonably short, a single core CPU works well as long as the applications are simple and the games are not too graphics heavy; but try jumping into a full fledged on-line Mortal Combat competition and, well, you won't be playing long. Upgrade to dual-core CPU and your chances improve significantly as you now have twice the computing power, but you will probably still be leaving the game early as everyone else is using CPU's with six or more cores.


Your best solution is to combine hyper-thread technology with a multiple core processor. This will give you the best of both worlds, like having that tailwind every time you run - hyper-thread technology is the tailwind the CPU needs to be just a bit more efficient, and when you combine a multiple core CPU with hyper-thread technology you become a force your opponents must always be aware of in every competitive game you play, or they will be leaving early!


If you still have questions about how to choose the processor for your gaming computer we are here to help you figure it out. Stop in and talk with us and we will get you going with the best computer that meets your needs and your budget. 


That's why we're here!


Building a Gaming Computer - The Motherboard

Stephen Anderson - Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The first part of this series covered the case, and how important the case is to the performance of your computer. The Motherboard is the next piece of the technological puzzle that you must think carefully about as it is just as important as the case. Remember, every component you choose for your world-class system will be depending on the motherboard to keep things flowing smoothly and efficiently so you and your computer can be at the top of your game when the action is fast and furious and is coming from all directions.


So, what do you need in a motherboard? Well, it has to be able to direct power and instructions to every component it is supporting as efficiently as possible or your system will fail, and that would not be a good thing. So, When you choose your components you need to understand their capabilities, such as the processor speed and the power it will require, the same thing for your graphics card and the monitor or, monitors it will be supporting. How much memory will your system require and, how fast is it? What about cache memory, how much will you need?


When you have carefully thought everything out and have a good understanding of how all your components will be working together you will then need to find a motherboard that will meet the needs of your system as a whole, and there are a lot of motherboards out there to consider, so you need to do some sorting. Most gaming systems will require a lot of power, 750 watts to begin with, but often much more than that depending on your components, so you need to make sure the motherboard you choose will handle the power requirements. Then there is the processor, and not every motherboard will support every processor, just as not every tire will meet the needs of every car. Some cars will hit speeds in excess of 200 miles an hour, but only a very few tires will perform well at that speed, most will disintegrate well before that speed is reached, so you have to choose your tires carefully if you have high performance car. The same thing goes if you have chosen a high performance processor - you need to choose a high performance motherboard as well.


If all of this seems a little daunting, we understand, so just come on in and let us help you figure this out. We can help you find exactly the right components that will work well together and give you a system that will keep you in the game long after others have dropped out. And we love to design and build computers! It's what we do and why we're here! 

Building a Gaming Computer - The Computer Case

Stephen Anderson - Monday, June 06, 2016

Building a gaming computer is serious business and like building a house, you have to start with a solid foundation or it will fall apart when you need it the most. With a house you want your foundation to be placed deep into the ground, all the way to bedrock if at all possible, so that even under the worst conditions Mother Nature can create your foundation will still be solidly in place and providing the support your house needs to come through the storm completely unscathed.


The foundation of a computer is the case. Why? Because it is the house where all of the other components will reside, and it needs to be a safe and secure place for them comfortably work together in complete harmony, or there will be problems; and when you are in the thick of raging competitive online battle with other folks from around the world, you definitely don't need any discontent going on inside your case.


So, what makes a good case? Glad you asked! First, it has to big enough to hold everything you need to put in it, like a gaming motherboard and big watt-producing power supply to feed your processor, motherboard, graphics card and all the other state-of-art components you have built into you dream machine. What's more, your case must be able to effectively and efficiently deal with the one serious problem that can and will shut down your gaming computer at the worst possible time: heat!


The problem with all gaming components is they are are power hogs, which is why you need a power supply that produces 750 watts, or more depending on how your system is built and the components you have chosen. And, with high power components all screaming for more power, you get a lot of heat. The more power any component needs the more heat it will produce, and when you have a case full of high power components working together to give you your lightning fast gaming system, you also get a lot of heat, and too much heat will shut your system down, so it needs to be controlled.


So, how does a case control heat? Another great question! The answer is fans and, for the really serious gamer, liquid cooling. First, the easiest way is to make sure your case has lots of fans, and big ones. Your case should be designed so that the fans will efficiently pull copious amounts of cool air into the case to collect the heat and vent it out. The more fans the better.


Liquid cooling is designed to keep you processor as cool as possible, because the harder you processor works the hotter it gets, and the hotter it gets slower it becomes, until it shuts down completely, and that is definitely not what you need. So, like a big radiator on a hard working truck keeps it going all day no matter the load it has to pull, a well designed liquid cooling system will keep your processor working at its most efficient level for as long as you need it, no matter the ferocity of the game or the skill of your opponents, you processor will be ready!  Remember, the cooler system runs the more efficient it will be, and in a competitive environment that can be the difference you need to bring the victory home.


Still have questions? Come on in to MPC Digital Solutions and get them answered. We will talk to you about gaming systems and how all the components work together to give you the best system imaginable, and we love to talk gaming systems! So, come in and ask for Jimmy, and he will help you design the system your opponents will fear, and you will have a blast working with Jimmy to do it!


Upgrade or Buy a New Computer - How to Decide

Stephen Anderson - Saturday, May 07, 2016

OK, you come to the realization that your computer just doesn't perform like it used to; it's slower and struggles a bit to do what it did easily and quickly just a few short months or years ago. You've done all the basic stuff, cleaning out all the temp files, defragged and optimized the hard drive and added a couple of gigs of memory. Still, though it is a little better it just isn't its old self, and you want that computer back, darn it!


So, what is going on?


Well, one of the big things is the software your computer was using when you first brought it home is now 10 versions old, and that is true for all the software programs you have been using for the last several years, and with each new version came new capabilities requiring your computer to use more of its limited resources to run them. Then, because you are so efficient using these programs to run your business or create the hottest new designs in the graphic arts industry, or something else entirely you have five or more of these programs open and running in the background while you work with a sixth program, switching between programs as you go.


No wonder your computer is now chugging along like a Yugo where before it was technologies version of the Ferrari Testarossa! 


What do you do? Will a simple upgrade do or, do you start from scratch and get a whole new system? Let's find out.


A lot of this question will depend on the capabilities of your motherboard; is it designed to support more memory and a faster processor than what it is currently running? If it is, how much more memory will it support and how much faster can you go on the processor? If you are currently running four gigs of memory with a dual core 2.8 GHz processor, and the motherboard will support 8 gigs of memory and a six core 3.1GHz processor you just might be back in business once you purchase and install the new processor and memory. However, if your motherboard is already running the fastest processor it can handle, more memory won't help you that much, which means you will have to jump to a new motherboard as well as new memory and a faster processor and, as long as going this far you might as well upgrade the graphics card as well, especially if you will be enjoying the latest in computer games on your new system.


Now, if the computer you need to upgrade is a gaming computer chances are very good that it is already using the fastest processor and all the memory it can handle, because that is how they are built to begin with, so if you are having competing in the ever faster and more competitive gaming world, an entirely new system is probably what you will need.


So, how do you figure all this out? Easy. Just give us a call or, better yet, bring your computer in and let Jimmy take a look at it. He will know pretty quickly what can be done to speed things up or if it is already working as hard as it can. Jimmy's really good at this, you might say he's our "computer whisperer," and he loves to tweak them so they perform at their very best. He will do the same for yours, whether you use it for business or entertainment. It's why he's there! 

Data Recovery Service Now Offered in Rainier

Stephen Anderson - Saturday, April 23, 2016

We have all had the experience: you are working on a project or report and your hard drive fails! It never happens at a convenient time, or just after you have transferred all your important data to a secure data storage device where you can easily recover all the data you just lost and move on with whatever you were doing. No, it never happens that way, and probably never will.


So, what to do!? First thing you do is go online and look for data recovery folks who will help you get everything you lost back, and in a timely and cost effective way. Well, what you find is that there are several reputable companies out there, and they will help you get your data back in a timely manner, just not so much on the cost effective part. Data recovery is a difficult process, and the companies out there who can provide the service can charge some pretty hefty fees for their services, which leaves most home computer users and small businesses in the position of deciding if they can dig deep and pay the piper or go through the time and effort to recreate the lost data as best they can. Unfortunately, a lot of folks are in the position where choice number two is the only viable option they have, and so they push everything else aside and get busy recreating data. Not fun, time consuming and, you can never be sure you were completely successful when you are finished.


Now, there is a better choice!


MPC Digital Solutions in Rainier, Oregon has just added Data Recovery services designed for the home computer user and small businesses. They understand how important it is to be able to completely recover data from a crashed hard drive, server, flash drive, smart phone, virtual environment or any one of many other data storage devices, and they now have the tools to recover your data and get back to you in a timely and very cost effective way. 


So, when that dreaded moment arrives and your data storage device crashes taking all of your data with it, take a deep breath, let the moment pass, then call us. We can help you, and we will do it in a very budget friendly manner!

What We Mean by Great Customer Service

Stephen Anderson - Monday, April 11, 2016

Everyone in the business world proudly advertises that service is their top priority and the very foundation of their business. But, what does that mean? Is it great products? Great prices? Great selection of different products combined with a large inventory? The problem is that "Great Service" for most businesses is undefined and left to the customer to determine what the business means when they mention it.


At MPC Digital Solutions great customer service really is the foundation of our business, and this is how we define it:


First, we strive to part of the community, actively engaged in its support whether it is helping in community clean-up projects or donating used computer equipment and other electronic devices we have inspected and refurbished, if needed, to community support organizations so they can continue their good work without the worry of spending some of their budget on computers or other electronic devices that can better be used to support the community.


Second, we strive to treat everyone who walks in our store as if they were family. We realize that you are coming to us because you need to purchase a product we carry, or you need your computer repaired, or perhaps you just need a little direction on how to install a program. Whatever you need we know it is important to you to find some answers, and we are there to help in any way we can. To do this, we will first listen to you and ask questions to be sure we thoroughly understand the challenge you have, and then we will make recommendations and explain why we are making them so you can make the best decision for your need. If you are looking for a new computer we will help you choose exactly the right computer for your intended purpose, and will still be doing a great job for you in the coming years. If it is a repair we will keep you informed of what we have found and what will be required to restore your device to perfect working order. If you just need a little direction on how to do something such as installing or uninstalling a program, well, we will be happy to walk you through the steps.


Our goal when it comes to Customer service is to be the business and the people you know you can always come to for help, and know that you will always get the help you need and have a great experience do it. It's what we do, and why we are here.  

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