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About Us

A Little Background


MPC Digital Solutions is located in Rainier, Oregon, just across the Columbia River from Longview, Washington. We are dedicated to providing the best products and service to the community as well as doing all we can to help the many volunteer service organizations in their efforts to serve the community.

Our Process is Simple


We want to be known for doing what is right for our customers and our community, placing their interest above our own as much as we possibly can. To accomplish this goal we have put into place the following procedure:


First, we will listen, without comment or interruption, to everything the customer says. We will then ask questions and listen to the answers to be sure we completely understand the problem.


Second, we will do our homework to find exactly the correct solution for the customer. We will then fully explain the solution and any options available and help the customer to select the best possible solution for their circumstances and budget.


Third, once the solution has been implemented we will regularly follow up with the customer to be sure that the problem has been fully resolved and the customer is completely satisfied.


Our mission is to improve the quality and convenience of our customer's lives by providing digital solutions that enable them to effectively, efficiently and with confidence use the solutions we provide.


We accomplish our mission by adhering to and applying the highest standards of quality and ethics, sustainable and socially responsible practices, and by providing the best overall customer experience.

At MPC Digital Solutions we feel it is vital to maintain a core set of moral and ethical values that define who we are and how we live and work. By living to these values our customers will always know what to expect from us, and what we can expect from each other. Our core values are...

Accountability - Taking personal responsibility for our actions.

Community - Demonstrating a sense of social responsibility and contribution to society.

Diversity - Respecting the diversity of personalities, interests, needs and wants of all stakeholders.

Efficiency - Being efficient and effective in our approach to providing solutions.

Empowerment - Empowering each stockholder to show initiative to affect improved results.

Integrity - Acting with integrity and honesty in every interaction.

Loyalty - Being loyal to our values, our customers, and to each other.

Quality - Giving the best to ensure the best customer experience.

Respect - Respecting our customers, ourselves, and others to maintain an environment of teamwork.

Sustainability - Choosing environmentally friendly products and services and leading in our recycling efforts.

Teamwork - Support each other to achieve our mutual goals.

Community is important to us, so we do all we can to support the volunteer organizations that do so much to serve those who are less fortunate or are dealing with challenges that most of us will never face.


We appreciate all they do and, to help these organizations we have developed a program to donate usable electronic equipment they may need for their daily operations.


You can help in this effort. To find out how to help please go here.


MPC Digital Solutions

We live and work by the principles that guide our every decision, and they tell us to always do what is right for the customer.
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