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Computers | Desktops, Laptops, and Tablets


We are very selective in the Desktop, Laptop and Tablet Computers we choose to sell. Low quality products with high profit margins don't make the grade with us, We leave those to the discount stores. It boils down to this: if we wouldn't own it or recommend it to our friends and family, then we won't stock or sell it.


Our reputation rides on the products we sell, so only the best will do,

Computer Repair Services of Rainier, OR- Also Serving Longview and Kelso, WA


All computers and laptops will eventually slow down, become infected with a virus or stop working for one reason or another.


We can fix that!


We have the largest repair facility in the area which gives us the ability to quickly analyze your computer and make the needed repairs. Our goal is to make its stay in our shop as short as possible while also delivering exceptional service and repair to you.


Using tools such as our online AntiVirus and AntiMalware programs, we can often remotely repair your computer without you having to bring it in. We also offer the best online Data Backup and Recovery service available through Carbonite.


We also have a wonderful "Peace of Mind" Assurance program specifically designed to take all of the worry and headaches out of computer ownership. Check it out here!


Our technicians are A+ Certified and ready to solve whatever problem your computer is experiencing. Quickly, efficiently and affordably. Just bring it in and we'll get to work.

Electronic Recycling


We will recycle any electronic device you have free of charge. Anything with a power cord, whether it is working or not. If you have an electronic device that you need to get out of your house or garage bring it in and we will take care of it. If you need to have it picked up from your home or business please call us, and we will come and get it.

What We Are All About…

“You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.”

― C.G. Jung


He's right. The point is that no matter what anybody says it's what they do that really matters, and we have made this our philosophy, our reason for being in business. It is so important to us that we measure how well we live up to this standard on a daily basis, and constantly look for ways to improve.


As we see it our job is to treat anyone who comes in the store or calls us on the telephone with absolute respect, to quickly come to an understanding of what is needed and how we can help, and then to provide the best possible solution at the best possible value to the customer; and then to follow up on a regular basis to ensure  that the solution was correct and the customer is completely satisfied.  When someone comes to us and says "Fix My Computer," that is what we strive to do as quickly and affordably as possible.


Nothing less will do!




“MPC Digital Solutions has partnered with United Way of Columbia County since 1996 when our office was based at the Trojan Training Center.


They have always been supportive regardless of what our computer/technical needs have been.


 Their friendly, professional and prompt support with our technical and computer questions makes life much less stressful.


They are a phone call or email away when a problem arises and it seems the more sophisticated our computer systems get the faster the problems can appear.


 We are so appreciative of the opportunity to be partners with this community business."


Kathye Beck, Executive Director

Our Pledge to You

MPC Digital Solutions

     We will always spend the time to understand your needs and work with you to find the right solution for the best value.

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